Digital Billboard Advertising

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With over 30 digital faces DDI Media has the largest network of digital faces in St. Louis. Our digital locations help you provide up-to-date information to your audience. Digital Billboards allow you to create timely messages to maximize impact.

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Our Unique Saint Louis Digital Billboard Locations

  • The only digital face on I-64 (Hwy. 40 to the locals) in St. Louis City and St. Louis County.
  • Exclusive coverage on I-364 and I-370 in St. Charles County
  • Key locations at high congestion points-Poplar Street Bridge, the Blanchette Bridge, the Airport Corridor and I-270 in NW St. Louis County

Why are Digital Billboards a better investment than TV or Radio Ads?

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Radio and TV can deliver a lot of wasted impressions.
Impressions you pay for.

When deciding where to put your ad dollars, consider this example. Our market straddles the border of Illinois and Missouri. A political candidate advertising on radio or TV is paying for the voters in the other state. Buy digital faces that are location based and reach your target audience more effectively.

How far will you drive to shop or dine? Everyone has their limits. The broadcast signal for most stations covers a much larger footprint than the average consumer is willing to drive for shopping, dining or entertainment. Geographically targeted ads are more cost effective and precisely reach your potential customer.

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Features and Benefits of Digital Billboards

High Frequency

With 1,200 ten second ads per day, you can build frequency with your target audience. While many of the national operators offer only 1,080 commercial spots daily, DDI gives you more.

Total Market Coverage

Our numerous digital units are strategically located around the St. Louis market so you can precisely target your audience or execute a market-wide campaign.

Unique Locations

Don’t settle for average locations for your marketing campaign. Stand out from your competition by being on the DDI Media digital network comprised of premium, high impact locations.

Large Audience Delivery

We focused on high impression locations as the core of our St. Louis digital network. And with digital out of home there are no worries about ad blocking software like you have with online ads.


Here are some examples of how you can customize a message
to your audience with Digital billboards

We are able to preset certain ads to run on specific days of the week, or even certain times of the day. You can utilize both of these criteria together to really fine tune your message delivery.

Example: A restaurant can easily advertise daily specials or promote breakfast deals in the morning, dinner deals at night and 24 hours service overnight.

We can help you unlock the power of Dynamic Digital Billboard Displays for your business. We have the experience to maximize their effectiveness.

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