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DDI Offers Effective Location-based Mobile Advertising

The smartphone has changed consumer purchase behavior drastically and is now an integral part of the path to purchase. It never leaves the consumer and aligns very well with the “always on” strategy of traditional outdoor advertising. Location Based Advertising creates one-to-one conversations by delivering the client’s advert directly to the consumer’s smartphone. This empowers them to engage immediately with the message. It also allows you to reach consumers at the point of purchase, drive them in-store and even target consumers at your competitor’s location.

In order to attract new clients, it is no longer enough to simply place a banner ad on a related site and wait for people to click on it. It is now necessary to create targeted display advertising campaigns that are optimized to increase your client base. We offer the ability to acquire a new audience, maximize your existing one and provide better data through mobile marketing.

Our innovative campaign measurement technique allows our client to answer the most important question: “Did the campaign generate business?” Verified Walk-In technology shows our clients how many people physically walked into a specific location after seeing their mobile ad.

Every client is unique, which is why we listen to your needs and provide customized solutions to your advertising challenges.

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A geofence is created around each location on the plan

Immediate Actionable Touch Point

As a consumer enters the defined area and opens up an app or mobile website, they are delivered an ad


At influential times and places we send your brand message again, encouraging consumers to take action

Real-Time Verified Walk-In

Measure the effectiveness of the campaign through physical store front visits in real-time.