Election Board Reaches Voters with Multilayered Campaign

Election Board Reaches Voters with Multilayered Campaign

A county election board uses a targeted, multilayered digital ad campaign to drive voting turnout to its highest in a decade.


Voting is a multistep process, and an election board must get accurate information to a large number of voters throughout the voting process. From reminders of registration deadlines to get out the vote campaigns on voting day, election boards need to reach a specific audience with a series of timely messages and reminders.


County election board partnered with DDI Media to design and implement a custom digital ad campaign aimed at increasing voter turnout. The campaign consisted of 6 different ads over a 4-week period, ranging from registration deadline reminders to get out to vote ads. Some ads ran for only 48 hours, while others ran for the entire campaign, in order to tailor timely messages for voters.


The ad campaign produced over a million unique impressions, contributing to the county’s highest election turnout in a decade.